• Antimicrobial Effect of Essential Oils

    It is well known in the literature that plant essential oils are powerful antimicrobial agents against bacteria, fungi and other microbes.

    AgScience has worked in collaboration with SAFE R&D screening plant essential oils for their ability to inhibit the growth of microbes in vitro, particularly a honey bee bacterium, Paenibacillus larvae.

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  • MegaBee™ for Honey Bees

    Nutritional supplements for honeybees play a very important role in colony health and survivorship. They provide the necessary nutrients the colony needs to function when natural pollen is scarce.

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  • Hops for Bees

    Who would have thought that hops could be honeybees’ best friend? The resins that are present inside the hop cones that impart the flavor and bitterness to the beer also have antimicrobial and pesticide properties.

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  • Essential Oils as Pesticides

    Varroa destructor is the most destructive external parasitic mite of honeybees. Its fast development in the last 20 years has drastically changed beekeeping practices. The massive and careless use of chemicals has resulted in the outbreak of mites with increased resistance to registered acaricides.

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HopGuard II

The beekeeping community has started 2014 with their two annual conferences: American Honey Producers Association (AHPA) and the American Bee Federation (ABF). I had the opportunity to attend the ABF conference in Baton Rouge, LA, and interact with scientists and beekeepers. The conference had great attendance and the research presentations were very interesting. Along with main… Read more »