Hops for Bees

Who would have thought that hops could be honeybees’ best friend? The resins that are present inside the hop cones that impart the flavor and bitterness to the beer also have antimicrobial and pesticide properties.

BetaTec Hop Products, a member of the Barth-Haas Group, seeked the knowledge and expertise on product development and project management of AgScience in order to develop HopGuard®, a hop-derived Varroa destructor treatment.

AgScience took on the challenging task to determine the most effective hop derivatives against Varroa and to develop a delivery system specifically designed to target the mites and not the bees. HopGuard® is made using only food ingredients making it safe to be applied inside an infested honey bee colony without affecting honey bee health or the honey.

AgScience and BetaTec continue to collaborate in the research to find multiple applications and uses for HopGuard®.

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HopGuard® – Varroa Mite Control Video

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